Act One: It’s a funny thing about shifting space, one minute you’re taking to the open road to begin your exciting new journey, and the next minute you are muttering to a black walnut. Our first week on the road was all about acclimation for us and the rvcatsquad. Then Thursday morning arrived, and we loaded up our excitement and were ready to roll, except we made an error that cost us a few hours and a bottle of bleach. Ok. No sweat. We knew we would have a few newbie mistakes. This was a 

we will laugh about this experience

. A few hours later, we were ready to start. Again. As Gail strolled perkily to the car, she noticed the windshield of the car had a spiderweb looking sheen. Quite lovely, were it not that the windshield had been shattered by a black walnut that took on missile-like proportions from a 40-ft free fall. What does one actually say to a rogue black walnut? Something like, “we may never leave Illinois.” 

Act Two:  Talking to your insurance company from a picnic table next to your mobile home is far more relaxing than pacing in your kitchen. You actually laugh about the walnut. It becomes a story. A tale. The net effect is you realize that when control is not an option, you let go. We found that the work could be done on the car much sooner if we headed toward Gail’s hometown of Utica, IL. Two days later, we would be on our way. We had a great time visiting, and snuck in a trip to Duffy’s Tavern along with a Bianchi’s World Famous Pizza (for those of you in the know, this made the delay worth it. ;)) Sunday we were off, and promised Gail’s sister that we would not be back for a third goodbye. Because we had to leave Illinois, right?!? And leave we did. 

There is a moment you experience when your soul grasps that its free to sail. That moment arrived as we entered Lake Geneva, WI. The beauty spoke. 

And, thus, the curtain closes on our first week of RV living.  Peace. Des


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