We have been living in the RV with the rvcatsquad for a week now, and what a week it has been! We had hoped to get this post up sooner on our renovations to Knight (formerly known as Ol’ Mater), but the adventures of the week prevented us from posting. And when we say adventures, we mean mistakes, mishaps, and a rogue black walnut (for real). More on that soon. 

But here we are, better late than never! It’s time to meet Knight. 

We found Knight after several weeks of looking at used RVs that did not come close to fitting the bill for what we were seeking in our home: solid, reliable, and within budget. We didn’t mind if it needed some elbow grease and actually expected to make updates. But, we had no idea that we would find something that so completely fit us. Desserae went out to see Knight with her stepdad, who knows a little (er…a lot) more about RVs. She knew immediately upon seeing Knight that this was “the one”…pretty sure it had something to do with the National Park decals on the back. Meeting the family who owned the RV and seeing the interior sealed the deal. Gail was on board immediately, before seeing any more than just the photos. The family who owned Knight had taken such good care of it throughout its life. Their story, their family’s adventures, and their kindness, and an easy connection with us sealed the deal and made the choice feel even more perfect. And the travel wallpaper, added by Abby and her daughters, well that made us love it even more and spoke to our own journey.

While Knight was in great condition, HE (because, like, now he’s ours) is a 1993 rig. He needed some updating and some new arrangements that would be better suited to a living space for two adults. And four cats. Comfort and functionality were key, and so the renovations began. First steps: ripping out the carpeting, couch, loveseat, dinette, toilet, and over-the-cab bed.














Next was to add paint, vinyl plank floors, a futon base (built by Desserae’s brother, with her niece’s supervision 🙂 ) with a custom mattress, a chair (the most comfortable ever), new mattresses for the beds, a kitchen cart (sans wheels!), solar panel system, LED lights, a backup camera, and a tire pressure monitoring system. 






























































And so here we are, home sweet rolling home!


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