season of change


Autumn officially arrived on September 23rd, but, for me, the month of October has always signified the heart of fall. It is my favorite month. I know it is a time of ending. Leaves fall, animals migrate, hibernate, or enter a phase of topor. Grasses dry up and flowers die off. The days get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop. The world slows down. It is my favorite time of year. It is one where I, conversely, become more invigorated, more energetic. It is when fresh ideas take root. It is when I most get the desire to lace up my hiking boots or put on my traveling shoes. It might seem that we took to the road at the end of the season when most people travel, but, for me, it was the right time to get started. The beginning of the journey was, as you who have followed this blog so far know, a challenge. Many of those initial challenges have passed. The day-to-day life in an RV is second nature now. It is comfortable. Knight is home. All of this comes to pass as a new season takes hold. 


the risk

As the days have, slowly, become cooler and as we pass through places where the Aspen leaves are changing to yellows and oranges before drifting to the forest floor, I am realizing that this life suits me. My urges to hear boots crunching on forest floor or rocky cliff and my desires to see life in new places are fulfilled as a part of my living. And in this way, I am fulfilled. I am more open now, not just to new experiences and new places. That has always been me. Just, more open to who I am and what I want to do out here. Many of you think that quitting our jobs to live in an RV is a huge risk, and one that might be difficult to fathom taking for some. For me, this part of it wasn’t the risk. While this specific choice of living in an RV is not something I’ve done before, I have taken similar risks throughout my adult life. What is riskier for me is writing in a venue where others will see it. Writing in a way that is non-academic, on the one hand, and also, on the other, not writing in a journal for my eyes only. 


the next thing

But write I will. I have always enjoyed writing when no one is looking. Now, in this space, I am learning to be okay with writing where others might read what I have to say. This blog will now solely be my baby; its contents my words and thoughts and images. I will still write on the journey of shiftingspace, with a hodgepodge of events and doings and random thinkings. Gail will be working on her own project. Additionally, we are diversifying shiftingspace and, to that end, we will both also be working on those new shiftingspace projects as well. You will hear more about what this new, additional direction is in the not-too-distant future.



a new season

October is a time of change. It is a time when we dive headlong into a new and beautiful season. I hope you will all continue to follow this journey as the shiftingspace blog begins its new season as well.